Huilin SHAO, PhD

Principal Investigator

PhD (Biophysics), Harvard University
PhD (Medical Engineering), Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST)
BA (Biological Sciences, Physics), Cornell University

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Nicholas Rui Yuan HO, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

PhD (Computational and Systems Biology), Washington University in Saint Louis
BS (Biochemistry, Computer Science), Duke University

    Zhigang WANG, PhD

    Research Fellow

    PhD (Inorganic Chemistry, Nanotechnology), University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
    BS (Polymer, Material Science and Engineering), Shandong University

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    Yuan CHEN

    PhD Student (2017-)

    MS (Biomedical Engineering), Xiamen University
    BEng (Biomedical Engineering), Shandong University

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    Yu LIU

    PhD Student (2017-)

    MS (Chemistry), Tsinghua University
    BS (Applied Chemistry), China University of Petroleum (East China)

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    Yan ZHANG

    PhD Student (2017-)

    BEng (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), National University of Singapore

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    Li ZHANG

    PhD Student (2018-)

    MS (Biomedical Engineering), Sun Yat-sen University
    BS (Biomedical Engineering), Sun Yat-sen University

      Chi Yan WONG

      PhD Student (2019-)

      BS (Life Sciences), National University of Singapore

        Xin MAO

        Laboratory Manager

        MS (Analytical Chemistry), National University of Singapore
        BS (Applied Chemistry), University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

          Sijun PAN, PhD

          Research Fellow

          PhD (Chemical Biology), National University of Singapore
          BS (Chemistry and Biological Chemistry), Nanyang Technological University

            Haitao ZHAO, PhD

            Research Fellow

            PhD (Microfluidics), Nanyang Technological University
            MEng (MEMS and Nanotechnology), Northwestern Polytechnical University
            BEng (Microelectronics), Northwestern Polytechnical University

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            Carine LIM

            PhD Student (2017-)

            BEng (Bioengineering), Nanyang Technological University

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            Noah Riandiputra SUNDAH

            PhD Student (2017-)

            BS (Chemistry and Biological Chemistry), Nanyang Technological University

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            Qingchang CHEN

            PhD Student (2018-)

            MS (Inorganic Chemistry), Jinan University (Guangzhou)
            BS (Materials Chemistry), South-Central University for Nationalities

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            Auginia NATALIA

            PhD Student (2019-)

            BS (Biological Sciences), Nanyang Technological University

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            Final Year Project/Research Attachment/Internship Students

            Past Members


            Zhong Yi GOH (FYP Student, 2019-2020)

            Vienna Minhui MA (FYP Student, 2019-2020)

            Jie Ling PAN (FYP Student, 2019-2020)

            Cindy Ching Li SIA (FYP Student, 2019-2020)

            Xianguang DING (Research Fellow, 2017-2019)

            Xuecheng SUN (Research Fellow, 2017-2019)

            Yang En YEE (Independent Study Student, 2019)

            Xingjie WU (Research Fellow, 2017-2019)

            Yu Ki SIM (Intern, 2017; Independent Study Student, 2019)

            Xue Lun LIM (FYP Student, 2018-2019)
            Alexandria Jingyi MOK (FYP Student, 2018-2019)

            Geok Soon LIM (Research Fellow, 2015-2018)

            Cheryl Jing Yi CHAI (FYP Student, 2017-2018)

            Joanna Hui Yi LIM (FYP Student, 2017-2018)
            Doloritas QUEK (FYP Student, 2017-2018)
            Ahrang SON (FYP Student, 2017-2018)